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Argee Products Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s Edge It!® with and without Lights Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I drive on Let’s Edge It!® without Lights ?

We highly recommend you do not drive on them. Kindly treat the Let’s Edge It!® w/ Built-In Solar Lights with the same care and respect you would for any other edging or lighting made to add curb appeal to your home or office.

2. May I walk on Let’s Edge It!®?

Yes, but we ask that you avoid walking on the lenses, if possible.

3. May I use a weed whacker in their vicinity?

Yes. That will not harm them.

4. May I use a lawn mower in their vicinity?

Yes, if it is level with the grass. The wheel of the mower may ride on the bricks. However, if the blade hits a brick, it may chip or break, just like a real brick.

5. What is the warranty of the plastic bricks?

The plastic bricks have a 2 year limited warranty.  Solar cubes a 6 monthy limited warranty.

6. May I make a circle or curbed design feature with bricks, or do it have to be straight?

Yes! The bricks can curve or go straight, depending on your preference and spacing. The smallest circle will be 42” in diameter using 17 bricks.

7. May I make a patio floor with the bricks?

No, this is an edging and lighting product, not for flooring. Look into our Patio Pal® for brick laying guides!


Table Top Gardener® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do potting and seeding in these trays?

Yes, that is the purpose of this deep tray. You can work directly in the tray. The cut-away front creates a comfortable working angle.

2. Can I put fertilizer and water in the tray?

Yes, this tray will keep soil and fertilizer contained.

3. Do I use the Table Top Gardener® on the ground?

You can plant, seed, replant, transplant and either put your Table Top Gardener® on the ground, place it on a workbench, or table. The easy-grip handles are good for portability.

4. Will it also hold my tools and pot?

Yes! The convenient shelf keeps items within easy reach.


Patio Pal® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the “pals” stay under the bricks?

The “pals” are always under bricks, and are nicely concealed once bricks are positioned on top.

2. What size bricks do I buy?

Please follow the sizes on our website, which shows which bricks fit our Patio Pal®. Be sure to purchase the correct size that will fit. We are not responsible for returns if wrong sizes are purchased.

3. Are the bricks always aligned straight?

Bricks always come out in perfect alignment because of the “pals.” Looks like a pro did the job!

4. Can Patio Pal® be placed on existing concrete slab?

It is not recommended.

5. Can I drive or walk on the Patio Pal®?

A driveway, walkway or patios have the same surface as if you did not use the product. You can walk on your brick walkway, patio and drive on your driveway with our Patio Pal®.

6. Do I need to compact the sand with a compactor?



Kitty Lounge® Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the size of a Kitty Lounge®?

The Kitty Lounge® disposable litter tray is 18” long x 13” tall x 3” deep. It comes in a pack of 50 or 100.

2. What is the material of a Kitty Lounge®?

The Kitty Lounge® is USA manufactured from recycled plastic. It may also be recycled after use and sanitation.

3. Can I use a tray more than once?

You may use one as many times as you like. The trays are disposable. When you feel it needs changing, you can toss one out. A clean one underneath is ready for use!

4. Can I use any litter for this tray?

Yes, you may use any litter you prefer for this tray.

5. Why is the Kitty Lounge® better than other trays on the market?

The trays come conveniently nestled in a set of 50 or 100, which makes changing them out easy. As with all litter trays, we recommend individuals with certain skin conditions or pregnant women, should never touch dirty litter. This makes the Kitty Lounge® all the more necessary as no cleanup is required. Each Kitty Lounge® is disposable.


Chop Keeper® Frequently Asked Questions

1. How different is this tray compared to other chopping trays & boards?

The Chop Keeper ® has raised sides to keep juices and food contained. It is strong enough to support heavy meats for barbecuing, and yet flexible enough to pour sauces and foods by its innovative EZ funnel, allowing a clean transfer into any bowl. So versatile!

2. What is the size and specifications of a Chop Keeper™?

The Chop Keeper® is 13” in width x 18” in length. It comes in a set of 3 and is available in midnight, stainless, copper, red, green and yellow.

3. Will the Chop Keeper® get score marks?

Yes, it may, but it will not ruin the integrity of the tray. The tray’s knife-friendly material will protect knives from damage.

4. Is it BPA free?

Yes, the Chop Keeper® is BPA free, FDA approved and Safety Certified, Manufactured in our factory here in the USA.

5. Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is. We recommend using on top rack of a standard dishwasher. They can also be hand washed.


Spin'n Stor® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Spin’n Stor® reusable?

Yes, it is a reusable salad and storage bag - two products in 1! We suggest 6 - 10 times for use per bag. The plastic may get cloudy after 10 uses, so we suggest using a new one after 10.

2. Where does the water go?

When the bag is spun, by centrifugal force, the water goes in the Reservoir at the bottom of the bag.

3. How does the water go out?

Water is poured out by the way of the drain on the side of the bag.

4. Will produce last longer in the Spin’n Stor®?

Yes, with the removal of water, produce will last longer and stay fresher.

5. I buy pre-washed lettuce in bags, why wash it more?

Even pre-washed lettuce in bags need to be refreshed by rinsing the lettuce. Spinning it dry will make the produce last longer. Also, pre-washed produce is more likely to have unwanted bacteria. It is highly recommended to wash again once bought.

6. What do I do to store my used and empty Spin’n Stor® bags?

Rinse out the bags, shake out excess water in a sink. Then fold bags into a small square - 4” x 4” - and place them in a nice stack in your refrigerator. You will always have a cold and fresh bag ready to use for the next time.

7. Can I take my salad and produce in my Spin’n Stor® with me to work?

Yes, the Spin’n Stor® is portable. Take them on a picnic, or while boating and camping, even to work or anywhere else where you’d like have fresh and ready produce and salads!

8.Is Spin’n Stor® FDA Approved and BPA Free?

Spin’n Stor® is made from FDA Approved plastic and BPA Free.


Down Under Tray ® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this tray keep my pet’s food and water contained?

Yes, the raised sides on the Down Under Tray ® will keep mess from water and food in place without spilling.

2. Is this product safe for my pet to eat on?

Yes, it is BPA free, Federal Safety Certified, and FDA approved.

3. How do I toss the debris away?

The Down Under Tray ® can form an EZ guide funnel, so all can be neatly tossed out.

4. Can the Down Under Tray be washed?

Yes, it can be washed by hand and is dishwasher safe.


My Toy Tote™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use My Toy Tote™ portable Toy Chest indoors and outdoors?

Yes, you can take to this portable toy chest anywhere you’d like – to the beach, park or to grandma’s house. You can use indoors to pick up and store toys and make Mom happy! My Toy Tote™ is Mommy’s best helper!

2. Is it heavy?

No, it is a lightweight 3.5 gallon portable bucket, easy to carry.

3. Will the size be good for my child?

My Toy Tote™ is a perfect size for a child to tote their possessions around.

4. Is there a lid?

Yes, it comes complete with an "easy-off" lid.


Luv That Tray™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can kids eat on the Luv That Tray™?

These trays have been Safety Certified by the U.S.A. government and are absolutely safe. They are also FDA approved.

2. Are they any BPA in these trays?

No, these trays are BPA-free.

3. Where are these trays manufactured?

These trays are Made in the USA, manufactured in our factory in Santee (San Diego) California.

4. What keeps the food, or arts & crafts debris from getting all over the counters and floor?

The raised sides keep crumbs, juices, food and arts & crafts particles on the tray. Now Moms don’t have all that clean up!

5. How do we dump the arts & crafts particles and mess?

The tray forms an easy-guide funnel that allows you to dump mess and debris in a wastebasket.

6. Can we put these trays in the dishwasher?

Yes, and they can also be hand washed as well.